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Clare County Prosecutor’s Office Victim Advocate Receives Certification as a Crisis Response Advocate


Stacy Newman, our Victim Advocate, recently attended a three-day training to become certified at the basic level to be a crisis response advocate. This training was presented by The National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) and was offered to victim advocates across the state of Michigan and was free for her to attend.


NOVA has trained and deployed thousands of responders to disasters small and large (natural and man made) primarily in the United States, but also to other parts of the world. The protocols developed by NOVA emerged out of the work assisting victims of crime. Advocates quickly realized that they were not only assisting victims through the criminal justice system but also dealing with emotional trauma. And, what was helpful to these victims would also be useful to victims of all types of sudden, random, and arbitrary trauma. The training program has expanded over the years to serve communities of individuals who are affected by a traumatic incident. This training will allow for Stacy to be called upon to serve on a NOVA Crisis Response Team.


A NOVA Crisis Response Team is a group of individuals specifically trained to provide trauma mitigation, education and emotional first aid in the aftermath of a critical incident, either small-scale or mass-casualty. NOVA CRT™ members each have a minimum of twenty-four hours of skill-based, field-tested training. Most teams have extensive training and experience in the widest range of traumatic events, from mass shootings to natural disasters. Since 1986, NOVA has been involved in hundreds of both small-scale critical incidents as well as mass-casualty disasters. NOVA CRT™ services that have been requested include hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, mass shootings, and as large as the four sites of 9/11 all done in an effort to help stabilize members of their respective communities. (Language in this paragraph is quoted directly from their website,


Our office, and Stacy specifically, will now be a resource if we experience an event which would require NOVA services. The skills Stacy learned at this training can also be applied to her day to day communications with crime victims. Stacy had this to say about the training: “This is the best training that I have attended. This has increased my knowledge and has allowed me to grow as an advocate.”


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