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DNA Paternity Info

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Provided by State of Michigan Department of Human Services.

Topics such as:

What is Paternity or Parentage Testing?

What is DNA?

Are the test accurate?

Will drug use, illness or disease effect the accuracy of a DNA test result?

Are there any age requirements for the parents of the child for a DNA test?

Can minor parents have a DNA test done?

Do all the individuals have to be present at the same location and time for specimen collection?

How long does it take to report the test results?

Will DNA testing hurt?

What is the cost of genetic testing?

What is the genetic principle behind DNA testing?

What does it mean when a man is “not excluded” as the father?

What does it mean when a man is “excluded” as the father?

Where are samples collected?

Can paternity testing be done without both parents?

Are records confidential and secure at the laboratory?

Is the laboratory accredited by any national organizations?