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Fight Crime: Invest In Kids

This week most students start back to school. Their teachers have already been preparing for the year. My hope is that students take full advantage of the opportunity provided by a public education. I want them to be successful. Teachers need to know that I appreciate their dedication and commitment to each student. If students and teachers do their parts, and parents back them up, we can be hopeful that our investment will have positive results.

It’s true, we don’t see too many educated people in our jails.  The opposite is also true. 

When students miss school, it’s difficult for them to stay current in their courses.  Those who get behind often stay behind.  If they drop out of school, their pathway can easily lead to low-paying jobs and an over-reliance on the social welfare system.  Prisons are clogged with inmates who lack a high-school diploma or a GED.

Let’s all work to encourage kids to go to school regularly, to stay in school, and graduate on schedule.  It’s a win-win situation when that happens.  The student is successful, our tax dollars are not wasted, and our communities are stronger.