Clare County Prosecuting Attorney Michelle Ambrozaitis

Tel: (989)539-9831

Previous Clare County Prosecuting Attorneys

The Prosecuting Attorney is the Chief Law Enforcement Official and highest elective office of the county.  Vested with the responsibility to safeguard the rights of all citizens of the county, the previous Prosecuting Attorneys recognized here have played an important role in the history of Clare County.

Christopher Foutch, 1872
Elijah D. Wheuton, 1874
George J. Cummins, 1878
William W. Greess, 1880
William A. Burnitt, 1884
George J. Cummins, 1888
William A. Burritt, 1890
Henry K. Wickham, 1892
John Quinn, 1894
George J. Cummins, 1898
John Quinn, 1904
Joeseph F. Bowler, 1910
Carlos A. Readiz, 1916
T. Carl Holbrook, 1924
Theo G. Bowler, 1932
Donald E. Holbrook, 1936
Joeph K. Naumes, 1942
Harold B. Hughes, 1946
Robert H. Campbell, 1952
James S. Bicknell, III, 1956
Alexander T. Strange, 1962
Jay F. Trucks, 1964
Richard S. Allen, 1976
Thomas P. McLaughlin, 1980
Gerald White, 1990
Ghazey Aleck, 1992
Norman E. Gage, 1996
Michelle Ambrozaitis, 2009

(The year next to their name signifies the beginning of their term.)