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What if I can't attend on the date stated in the subpoena?

If you have a date conflict, you should contact our office (989-539-9831) immediately to discuss your conflict. In some cases, the Prosecuting Attorney handling the case can put you “on call” (so that you can go to work or school on the day you are subpoenaed, and you will be called at a pre-arranged phone number an hour or so before you are needed in court). Witnesses receive witness fees and mileage only when they appear in court at the scheduled time. You will not receive a witness fee or mileage if your case (or your individual appearance) was “called off” or if you do not appear.
In representing a client, a defense attorney may contact you and want to talk to you about the case. Keep in mind that you do not have to talk to anyone about the crime, including the defense attorney or their investigator prior to testifying in court. If you choose to do so, always request proper identification and an explanation of the purpose of the interview. Also be aware that your conversation with this individual may be recorded for later use in court, without your knowledge. If you have any concerns about talking with a defense attorney or their investigator, you are encouraged to contact the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in charge of your case and to have him/her with you at the time of the interview.